September 30, 2019

Hello World [EN]

So, it's my first post on this platform

What is Wumblr

Well, one beatifull blogging platform so called Tumblr was a great service. I used to like it. Really. But today there is a big problem - you're not allowed to post adult or similar content. Actually you are able to do it, but nobody will see it...

Do you know any good alternative to Tumblr? Yea, there are some platforms, but I don't really like them. - it's good. It looks convinient and clean, but it's like... Twitter? I mean it's too clean and I don't feel comfortable using it.

What about Twitter? You're allowed to post adult content with some restrictions. And these "some restrictions" already exist and I think it's gonna get worse.

Pornhub? Well... it's about porn. I mean it's OK and I love it, but it is just about porn.

Anyway, I thougth I'd create my own blog platform. And here it is. That how it looks like. On Wumblr you can create blogs and post whatever you want (not just adult). I hope this platform will become a place where you'll be able to satisfy your kinky needs in convinient and comfortable way

Have fun!

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